Revgear Mini Thai Pads

Revgear Mini Thai Pads
$89.99 Pair 

This item is not currently available for purchase.

    R2/3 the size of standard Revgear Thai pads, these leather mini pads are the perfect size to pack in your luggage or duffel bags for easy travelling to events and tournaments. The light weight allows coaches to hold them for long periods of time. These pads increase the pad holders' speed, allowing them to transition much faster between punches, knees, and kicks. Thick, sturdy handle gives the holder a comfortable, solid grip. The smaller size and lighter weight are also great for kids' and teens' Muay Thai classes.

    You get a pair of pads.

    Length: 12.5 in.
    Width: 6.5 in (top)
    5 in (bottom)
    Weight: 2.1 lb

    sku: #revgear-mini-thai-pads

    This product is not currently available for purchase.

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