Pro Leather Shin Instead Guard

Pro Leather Shin Instead Guard
$69.99 pair 

This item is not currently available for purchase.
  • Foam padding with genuine leather exterior
  • Buckle strapping with elastic foot strap
  • Tightly hugs the leg
  • Sold in pairs

A well tested and professional grade shin guard. These leather encased pads hug the leg tightly and are secured by two rear buckle loops as well as a single elastic strap around the foot.

The construction of the guard and strapping makes these among the most durable shin guards ever created. The thick padding protects against hard strikes and preserves your shins during intense sparring or bag work.

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Pro Leather Shin Instead Guard Sizing Chart

Revgear Shin Guard Sizing Chart

Size Shin length, inches Shin length, cm Instep, inches Instep, cm
S 12.5 32 5 12.7
M 13 33 6 15.2
L 14.5 37 7 17.7
XL 15 38 7 17.7
2XL 17 43 7 17.7
This product is not currently available for purchase.

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